Project 3.

Magdalena Sobolska
#1 Brokenheartedboy (2021)
#2 Milan Kundera was here (2021) *not shown

The collage technique - which I explore - lets me develop a conversation with the cultural and social reality, as well as with other works of art. I create a new language with which I can convey a very subjective perspective. In the collage technique we may see some of the instruments and therapeutic processes being transferred into the field of art. A work on things we have experienced, seen, absorbed. A work through the old to form a further way of demeanor and to extract a content from the inside is an essence of my practice.

Selected group exhibitions:2020: We Are People, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (PL)
2020: Enclave, Propaganda, Warsaw (PL)
2020: The Art of Love II, Envision Arts online gallery, Dallas (Texas, USA)
2019: Popatrz na/we/przeze mnie (Look at/inside/through me), Poczekalnia, Łódź (PL)

Project 2. Celebrating the democratic election in Chile.

Images from the 19.12.2021 YouTube feed of Galeria CIMA- documenting the protests and celebrations at Plaza Dignidad- in Santiago. On 19.12.2021 Elected a new government promising constitutional reforms.

Galeria CIMA (in Santiago) maintains a gallery space overlooking the Plaza Dignidad (which has been a focal point of demonstrations since 2019)- they've maintained a 24/7 live broadcast and work as a cultural agents through their first audiovisual production "Otoño en Silencio" (Autumn in Silence). The eight episodes are available on our YouTube channel, where you can also find more than 1,200 videos that record more than 10,000 hours of footage of the main view of Santiago's Ground Zero, including major milestones such as 8M, New Year's Day and the largest march in Chile.

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Project 1.
Richard Hoeck & John Miller
"5 min Statue" 2007
performed by Milan Mladenovic